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Journal Entry - July 11, 2018

Fun query

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Journal Entry - May 25, 2018

Setting up a new open source application

Journal Entry - May 07, 2018


Journal Entry - April 25, 2018

Starting a new feature

Journal Entry - April 04, 2018

Writing an exciting CFP

Journal Entry - March 30, 2018


Journal Entry - March 28, 2018

A new (to me) Enumerable method

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Journal Entry - January 31, 2018

Fuck staging, amirite?

Journal Entry - January 23, 2018


Journal Entry - January 10, 2018


Journal Entry - January 09, 2018

The Day of Miscellany

Journal Entry - January 05, 2018


Journal Entry - January 03, 2018

How to write a 'How to' doc

Journal Entry - January 02, 2018

Backfilling data from a third-party API

Journal Entry - December 18, 2017

HoneyBadger exceptions and the engineers who raise them.

Writing Ruby MiniTests for custom database queries

Everything you wanted to know about testing.

JavaScript - How to use an XHR object

Utilizing XHR objects in your application.

How we're supposed to ask for help with our work

What do do when you need help.

On diversity

My thoughts on diversity in tech.

Hack your learning

What I do to focus.

What are Models, Controllers, and Views

MVC and what they're all about.

What I'm listening to while coding - Week 3

How my string segmenting program works

What happens when you try to split a string up into individual words.


A list of some of my first Ruby errors and how to solve them.