New job, who dis?

I just finished my first week as an apprentice at thoughtbot!!! It’s been amazing. After a day of Matz, onboarding, and laptop setup I jumped right into my first client gig.

(Oh, did I mention Matz came to visit the office on my first day on the job? And he remembered me from Keep Ruby Weird! I’m still starstruck!)

We’re building out a new scheduling system for a health an wellness company using Rails. We’re also connecting to the MindBody API because the product already ingrained in their business. May and I have been pairing on the first scheduling form flow, using form objects, Simple Form, and writing plenty of feature tests. The big focus of my apprenticeship is the consulting itself. We work very closely with our clients– sharing a slack channel, reporting daily standups, and holding weekly retros together. Due to speed issues with the Mindbody API, we’ve already had to discuss tradeoffs we may have to make in order to create the best possible user experience.

My first investment day was today! I was able to fine tune my configurations in Rubymine & my shell, dig a bit more into the thoughtbot handbook, and last but not least, write this blog post.