The Day of Miscellany

Today was super random. Andy V and I had a Tech Talk to put together and present in the afternoon, so we worked on that in between one-on-ones with Tommy this morning. We presented this talk (RubyConf 2017: Just when you thought you couldn’t refactor any more) and discussed how far we would have refactored the block. I personally don’t think the code was very clear or understandable by the end of the presentation. Much of that had to do with the regex.

After the talk this afternoon, I jumped into a story, but ran into a couple of blockers. I had a few old bulk plan subscriptions on my local dev environment that were useless so I cleaned those up before making a new one. I attempted to go to my local admin page and was greeted with a never-ending queue of routing errors on my Rails server. I’m still working on debugging that. It seems like one of my environment variables isn’t getting set, but I can’t figure out why. I updated to the new Mac OS this weekend so I’m assuming that has something to do with this whole thing.