Yesterday and today I’ve been trying to catch up on Avdi’s course Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails. I’m very behind. I think I’ve been procrastinating a bit because it sometimes feels over my head. That being said, I really appreciate some of the supplemental videos. Especially Sandi Metz’s talk “Nothing is Something”. I’ve watched that one before, but it’s been a while. I think last time I saw it, I was still too new to really grasp what she was trying to get across.

I’ve also been working on CFPs this morning. My top conferences that I want to get accepted to are NEJS Conf here in Omaha, Write/Speak/Code in NYC, DevConf in Warsaw, and API City in Seattle. I know in some cases that’s shooting kinda high, but it doesn’t hurt to try. There are also a couple in Australia and one in the Netherlands that look cool. Most of the CFPs close sometime in the next month so I need to get crackin’